Classic 8

Our most popular style is the newest take on a true classic. With a variety of sizes and bolt patterns available this wheel is sure to make every car look good.

Retro 4

Our take on the famous "Daisy Wheel". Whether you're looking for the classic look of 13" or the tire availability of the 15", we have a wheel that will fit your car.


Inspired by racing legends of days past. The Lemans brings the same racing soul to your car while utilizing safe, modern manufacturing.

Lat 70

Another modern take on a classic wheel. Once offered on Sunbeams, Chevys, Porsches and many others is now available in a more modern size and finish.


A larger 15" offering of the original wheel offered on Triumphs. This wheel is offered in fitments beyond Triumph.

VTO Advantages

Custom Machining 

Most of our wheels are machined in house to a customers specific requirements. Get the wheel that fits properly.

Hardened Steel Inserts

Hardened steel inserts prevents galling.

Classic Styles 

 Modern Materials

Modern Materials A356 aluminum heat treated to T6. Modern processes including x-ray, dimension analysis, CNC machining and modern heat cured finishes. 

US Based

All wheels are inventoried, finished and shipped from our Phoenix, AZ warehouse.