About Us

Pictured, Alex and Barry Knickerbocker during our building remodel. To say that we are "hands on" is an understatement. While we both have engineering backgrounds, Alex a BS in Mechanical Engineering with an automotive specialty and Barry with BS in Manufacturing Engineering, we are both up to our elbows in the business and hobby.

First established in 2001 as Pack Racing Products (PRP), the sole U.S. importer of Superlite Wheels. PRP grew the Superlite brand in the US through 2006 when Performance Industries Australia began showing signs of global manufacturing pressure. In time Performance Industries would succomb to those pressures and close down. PRP reorganized as VTO Performance and began having wheels produced under contract. In 2019 Alex took over complete management of VTO Wheels. Today VTO manitains a complete inventory in Phoenix, Arizona. 

While the wheel business is just that, a business, we are car guys. We always have multiple projects in the process, it's hard not to!