The fitment of a our 16"x7" wheels on a 914 NarrowBody is a common question.  While all 914 bodies are slightly different due to inconsistencies in manufacturing processes, we have found a wheel and tire combination that has a very high rate of success.

Notes on the test fitment vehicle:
The wheels were tested on a 914 1.8L boxer-4 NarrowBody Porsche.  This car uses stock suspension, brakes, and fenders.  The vehicle rides at stock height. While this fitment is believed to be identical for all boxer-4 914's, we cannot confirm this fitment is the same for 914-6 vehicles.

Tire-wheel combination:
We utilized 16" diameter 7" wide Classic 8 wheels with a 78mm hub bore (we machined this hub bore slightly larger, something we do for all wheels used on 914's), and a 35mm+ offset.  The tires are Power-Trac 205/50-16 all seasons.  


There was no rubbing issues while turning the wheel lock to lock in full compression and full droop.  The minimum clearance distance measured at 0.25" was between the tire and the inner fender wall in full compression.

Figure 1. Clearance between the shock tower and the inside of the tire, measured at 0.25". 

The rear is a bigger issue for these cars and many times the body is not centered on the frame.  The outside of the tire showed 0.75" of clearance from the fender, while 0.5" was measured between the inside wall of the tire and the body of the car. A very common issue with these cars is the rear sway bar is not centered and rubs on the inside of one of the tires, to prevent this we recommend centering the sway bar and using 2 shaft collars to keep it in place.

Figure 2. Photo showing the reveal of the rear wheel.

Figure 3. Clearance between the body and the inside of the tire, measured at 0.5".

*All fitment posts are published for the sole purpose to educate and assist the car community in choosing the proper fitment for their vehicles. These posts do not guarantee any wheel fitments and are not valid for any warranty claims.